Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Alive, but Busy.

Yep. Busy. Amongst other things, the joys of multicast sockets and bayesian statistics. Joy.

Maybe I should post here more versus comments in threads and forums. Or even better, start some wiki-like structure so when the umpteenth person describes former Iraqi General Georges Sada as "Saddam's closest adviser" and touting "the fact that he piloted 86 missions flying weapons of mass destruction to Syria" all of them "on directions from Saddam Hussein"... Or claiming that the Westboro Church protestors (Their slogan: "God hates fags") are somehow liberals for protesting at military funerals of posthumously-outed servicemen? (Hint: Which party is in favor of a constitutional amendment against gay marriage? Not Democrats...)

Debunking things just gets tiring. Some of them practically deserve form letters. Is there some sort of moderately left-of-center wiki for this stuff? Some sort of thing? I used to be idealistic--I'd just write a careful response and that would be that.