Thursday, July 26, 2007

Internet Explorer Sucks

I'm posting this mainly so that anyone else with the same problem won't tear as much hair out as I have.

I'm using Javascript to add new content to a page via the DOM methods. The page is set as XHTML transitional. With IE6 and IE7, I'm having stupid rendering bugs.

  • When you make an HTML table, it does not display in IE6 or IE7. In order to make it display, you must wrap your row elements within a <tbody> element. According to the HTML 4.01 spec, this is actually an optional element.

  • A table cell's "rowspan" and "colspan" attributes are ignored by IE7, unless you capitalize the letter S on the attribute! This is in violation of the XHTML spec which says that all attributes should be lowercased. (Not tested in IE6)

Remember kids, friends don't let friends use Internet Explorer.

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